How to unlock kenmore elite dishwasher?

How to unlock kenmore elite dishwasher? This is the way how you can unlock kenmore elite dishwasher. It appears that you are indicating that the control is locked on the console of the dishwasher. To unlock the dishwasher control panel, press and hold the NO HEAT DRY button for 4 deliberate seconds and the LOCK ON light should turn off. The control should then work normally.

How to unlock kenmore elite dishwasher?

How to unlock kenmore elite dishwasher

If the control will not unlock after using this procedure, then you could have a failed console or a bad electronic control board. A service technician would normally need to diagnose and repair this type of problem. Your details indicate that you purchased the dishwasher in 2009. You may have keyed in the wrong date.

If the dishwasher apparently needs repair and it is close to 10 years old, then you may consider replacing it. A service call will normally cost $130 for labor. A control board or console will cost about $150.

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Unlock Your kenmore elite dishwasher

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About kenmore elite dishwasher

The Kenmore Elite 12793 is a portion of this Dishwasher test program in Consumer Reports. In our laboratory tests, Dishwasher versions such as the Elite 12793 are ranked on standards, like the ones listed below.

Owner pride icons are all based on the percentage of members that are extremely likely to recommend their dishwasher to their friends and family.

Assessed by conducting the detector, normal or equal cycle to wash a complete load of dishes using baked-on food.

The 12773 is a machine that will wash your dishes and offer you a choice of cycles and clean choices. There’s hardly any on this Elite you won’t find on a different dishwasher. It may be an ideal match if your kitchen is supplied with Kenmore products.


And since it is a Kenmore, you’ll almost never need to pay MSRP. We have seen sale costs as low as $949.99, further diluting this Elite’s location for a run-of-the-mill, dishwasher.

Kenmore has gained a reputation among the most reliable and brands of kitchen appliances in the marketplace. They offer you a selection of dishwashers from versions with features to goods with aesthetics and superior elements.

Elite 12773

The very best thing we could say regarding the Kenmore Elite 12773 is it is going to make your dishes clean. You won’t be disappointed, although you are not likely to be astounded by how it plays.

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